Kingsley's Naming Ceremony in Sydney

Jubilant and Full of Surprises

Last month, I had the pleasurable honour of being the celebrant for baby Kingsley,  son of Amana and Philip at Dunbar House, Vaucluse.

The loving parents wanted a jubilant memorable experience celebrating family, tradition and culture.

Releasing of the doves

Releasing of the doves

Both parents wanted to incorporate parts of their heritage into the day. Philip's family hails from Scotland and Germany and Amana is of Indigenous Australian, Italian, British and Danish decent.

It began with Pipers from Scots College who led the parents and guest of honour from the doors of Dunbar House to where we were waiting in the park on the beach.

You can imagine the bagpipe music attracting public well wishers to the ceremony!

And there were more surprises yet to come.

Amana, baby Kingsley & Bentley the cat

Amana, baby Kingsley & Bentley the cat

Two aboriginal warriors performed a smoking and naming ceremony which is a celebration of Kingsley’s entrance into the physical world.  

This ceremony  evokes a spiritual protection of Kingsley throughout this life, to ward off negativity, to pay respect for his family’s beliefs and values, his links to the pasts and propel him forward into a life of positivity.

The ceremony continued with Godparents and children reading blessing cards and the finale was 7 white doves being released into the heavens like Angels. Breathtaking !

Guests then proceeded to Dunbar House for a delightful black tie reception which I also emceed. So joyful and memorable.