Celebration of Life


I’ve felt truly honoured to produce and emcee these celebrations over past years before I decided to become a civil celebrant.

Celebration of Life parties can be held for those sharing a milestone birthday or someone who is facing a terminal illness. In fact, for honouring anyone at all for whatever reason.

An uplifting occasion where stories are told that bring about laughter and even tears while the person being honoured is comforted and blessed with knowing how much they have touched other people’s lives.

It is also a time for the person to talk about their life and what they have learned and passing on life’s lessons.

I always enjoy watching the faces of the younger generation listening and learning from the older generation. Very often this brings grandchildren closer to their grandparents in the last months of their life.

A celebration party allows for good-byes and closure when facing terminal illness or after the loved one has passed.

I’m a firm believer one should be celebrated in this life ,not just the after life, surrounded by family and friends sharing memories, joy and laughter
— Glen-Marie
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What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of the life and achievements of a special loved one; a reflection of the individuals’ achievements, passions, adventures. Their story, their history, their journey.

This is an opportunity for friends and family to show their admiration and love and for the younger generation to gain a high appreciation of the older generation.

Their accomplishments, big and small, their effect on family and community, and their personal philosophy are all celebrated.

A celebration of life’s journey will be a permanent record for the individual and their family to have and to hold…forever.

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When they are no longer with us

This celebration can be planned at any time. It can be at the funeral or afterwards, allowing people to come together socially who may not have had the opportunity to attend the funeral.

It’s a way for guests to connect with each other and share memories.

The venue or location is entirely of your choosing.

We honour the individual for all the things they have given and shared with us and for the loving memories they leave behind.  


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