Deborah and Fiona's Love Filled Wedding


The sun was shining upon Deborah Carr and Fiona McDonald-Crowley as they celebrated 12 years of deep love and commitment in a moving ceremony with family and friends in the wonderful home and gardens of Laura Summerhayes in Ingleside.

Their love of horses, training and competing in events brought them together in friendship and now in marriage sharing their contentment and love. 

From the moment I met them, I felt they were a match made in heaven.

Two wonderful strong women with loving supportive families who led the wedding procession to where delighted friends were waiting to celebrate their union.

As a celebrant, I was emotionally moved during their vows when their daughter, Rose, gave the most eloquent, moving speech as the guests sat in silence with many shedding a tear of joy.  Her brother, Ethan also played a role as Bridesman to his mum, Deborah, and assisted throughout the ceremony.  

Then it was party time - magnums of champagne and much laughter as guests mingled and celebrated the future of Deb and Fiona.